domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Changes to come

Onda Technology used to be an embryo for a corporate environment, keeping secretive about its projects and dealing with customers. Being a corporate environment or a company, never served well the purposes for the creation of this institution. Onda Technology was supposed to be a home for research and development instead of blind profiting. Now that's about to change. That's why Onda Technology is now becoming a non-profit R&D institute. Some of our projects which have, so far, been strictly for internal use and developed behind closed doors, are about to be released publicly. This will be a lengthy process, as all of us have other jobs to attend and the preparation process itself is already tedious. We'll also have to take care of the licensing, which, for a lot of reasons, to be explained later, can't be any of the current "standard" licenses. We'll also be releasing documentation and our internal manuals. But the most troublesome part is still all the bureaucracy of officially creating the non-profit Onda Technology Institute.

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