sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Adsense disabled

For reasons yet to be explained to us, Google has decided to disable Onda Technology's Adsense account. This was one of the sources of income to help with the bills. Because of it, we may have a harder time in the future. For now, it doesn't make a significant difference, as there wasn't yet enough income from it, but with the upcoming website updates and the new information to be published, it would have been an important means to ease the financial burden. I've submitted an appeal, but I'm not very positive about it. I'll stay in touch and let you know if there is any more relevant information.
UPDATE: They reaffirmed the account cancelation without any explanation.

segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011


Since we were already talking about social networks, I thought I could share that today I received an invite to join Google+. I've decided to take it for a spin, see what comes of it and share with you my thoughts. So far it looks to be quite clean and lightweight, very intuitive while also featuring some interesting eye-candy for them masses. Doesn't yet seem to be the typical social networking site clogged with features we'll never use or full of distracting elements. It appears to be something that goes straight to the subject and very focused on what it's designed to do. In the following days I'll report a bit more on this subject.